Why would someone want to be a pediatrician?   

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are two main motivations for people wanting to be pediatricians.  I think the first would be a love of practicing medicine.  That should be inherent with every doctor.  I personally would not a want a doctor that hates their job.  A pediatrician might like practicing medicine because they find the human body fascinating.  They love knowing how total body health works, and being a doctor allows them to help people get better.  It's possible that a pediatrician enjoys the challenge and mystery of figuring out what is wrong with a patient.  An adult doctor can ask a patient to describe how something feels.  But a lot of the time, a child can't talk yet, or that child isn't able to effectively communicate what his/her ailment feels like.  The pediatrician has a set of challenges that other medical practitioners don't deal with.  That appeals to some people.  

Beyond the few reasons that are already listed, I think a person would desire to be a pediatrician because they like kids.  I can't imagine somebody that doesn't like kids wanting to be a pediatrician.  That would be like finding a 3rd grade teacher who hates kids.  Nobody goes into early age education if they don't like kids.  I would assume it's the same with pediatricians.  They like medicine, and they like kids.