Why should parents and their families be drawn to government support systems, and its resources in their local state if their child was facing disabilities?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major reason why families with special needs children are likely to be drawn to government support systems is that it is very difficult to care for some special needs children and it is difficult to know how to educate most special needs children.   Parents of such children will naturally want all the help that they can get.  The government programs are a major source of this sort of help.

Having a special needs child can place rather heavy burdens on families.  This is not to say that they see the children as burdens.  However, they are faced with needing and wanting to care for their children and to give them the best possible education in a situation that is very difficult.  The care and education of special needs children can be something that is both expensive and difficult.  Many parents lack the resources (either financial and/or educational) to provide high-quality care and education for their children.  Therefore, they naturally turn to government programs.  These programs help them to care for and educate their children in the way that will be best for them.