Why should Night be continued to be studied at school? Why should Night be continued to be studied at school?

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Honestly, I do not like teaching this book. I do not like reading this book.  However, it is important.  History needs to be studied and honored.  If we do not show our children that this has happened, it will not be real.  The book is shocking and very, very difficult to read.  It does need to be taught.

In addition to the other posts answer (which I agree with) one of the primary reasons I continue to teach this book is because on the whole, my students really enjoy it.  Whenever I find a book that students actually like reading, it is something I hold on to.  This is one story that students immediately take to, I think, because it is true.  Also, it is short, but dense.  The size of the book is not intimidating, and once they get into it, they cannot seem to put it down.

There was at least one important element that set the Holocaust apart from other acts of genocide in the past and present: how systematic the killing machine was.  So in part, it is important for us to read...

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