Why should grade 11 students read the kite runner?

iklan100 | Student

In fact, as I see it, there has been quite a small debate on whether Hosseini's ''The Kite Runner''  is fit at all to be read by young people, due to its disturbing content?

I personally believe young adults or teenagers can probably handle most of this stuff, and also enjoy this sad but beautifully moving book, and are able to absorb the harsh truth about Afghanistan and how it was and what it became after being used by the Western powers in the anti-Soviet struggle-- and I also think they should know about these things, and what Afghans feel and think, and how they were in fact betrayed in their trust . The novel is, in this regard, also a big 'eye opener' for all. especially younger generations who shall tomorrow have to deal with many problems created by their elders.  I'd recommend this strongly to 11th and 12th grade students, if they have the guts and courage and patience to read the book.

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