Why should communicator take audience centered approach to communicator?  

gopikrishna | Student

ExperienceAs a general rule, talk at one level less than the knowledge base of those you’re speaking to. Don’t assume your audience has the knowledge you think they should have. Interest levelEven within the audience different levels of interest can exist. Those who sit to the front typically are the most interested. Many but not all who sit in the back, want to be able to make a quick get away when they have served their time. An audience centered approach requires recognizing all the various needs, wants, desires, and resolves.MotivationAn audience centered approach requires learning what the motivations are.Cultural BackgroundYounger people may not be in the information age. this presents a unique audience centered approach to reach such an audience.Some minds need constant action, flash and clash to hold their attention. This is not being said to encourage it. It is something speakers need be aware of.Familiarity When giving lectures where people are stiff and formal and I have been viewed the same, there will be few laughs.