Why should cometic surgery be band

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megamind-616 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cosmetic surgery is defined as surgical or medical techniques that enhance appearance, maintain current appearance, or restore appearance. The following answers will speak of cosmetic surgery that is done by a patient in order to increase his/her physical appearance. The response does not apply to cosmetic or reconstructive surgery that is performed for medical reasons, such as after a burn.

Cosmetic surgery is rising around the world. Thus, cosmetic surgery has become a lucrative business. Some argue that a patient’s willingness to undergo unnecessary cosmetic surgeries is a sign of BBD, or body dysmorphic disorder. The argument follows that cosmetic surgeons take advantage of this condition, instead of offering emotional support to such victims.

Cosmetic surgery is unregulated in some areas of the world. Tourists can visit such areas to have procedures done at a lower cost, but then experience medical complications due to unsafe procedures or products. An example of such a situation is the Poly Implants Prosthesis Scandal.

Another concern is the rise in the number of cosmetic procedures that are being done on adolescents. Some parents are signing consents that allow their teenage daughters to have breast implants. The argument follows that, if an adolescent is not old enough to sign their own consent for unnecessary procedures, then the procedures should not be completed or allowed.

Additionally, there are medical complications that can arise from cosmetic surgeries. Such complications include reactions to anesthesia, blood clots, scarring, or infection.

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