Why is Animal Farm an important book for society?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Animal Farm is considered an important work of satire on the concept of Marxism. By containing the social functions of an entire country into a small area, and using animals to show human foible, George Orwell is able to show the inevatible collapse of a utopian Marxist society. All the well-meaning platitudes in the world mean nothing when the leaders refuse to follow the same rules they lay out for society; by subverting and ignoring the laws, Napoleon and the pigs become dictators instead of equal citizens. All socialist and communist societies collapse under the weifght of an oppressive government which keeps its citizens working hard and out of power; they take everything that is produced and distribute only what is absolutely necessary to survive. As a satire and a cautionary tale, Animal Farm is very relevant to society even today, sixty-seven years after its initial publication.

blackrose126 | Student

The novel Animal Farm is actually a social commentary, just like The Hunger Games. The transition of the pigs' behaviors to become more worldy reflects the actions of some corrupt government officials. The entire theme is rather like a Communist country or a nation run by a dictator, in the sense that the pigs have monopoly over the other animals and they have no power whatsoever. It is a very stirring and thought-provoking book, if you analyse it. I feel that you should read it.


P.S I'm not a Literature stusocial but I really like this book.

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