Why should abortion be banned?I need three strong points as to why abortion should be banned for my oral, I need some ideas. Thanks.

Expert Answers
pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The commonest argument for banning abortion is that it is murder. The central tenet of this idea is that life is created at conception, and that the embryo is a human being. The counter argument to this is that the embryo is not capable of life outside the womb, and lacks conscious brain function, making it legally equal to a person who is "brain dead". Medical science has not been able to give a clear answer to the question of exactly when an unborn child becomes conscious and self-aware; those who oppose abortion argue that we must assume that all unborn are in fact self-aware.

Abortion, like any other medical procedure, can be dangerous. Women who have an abortion are putting their bodies and possibly their lives at risk having one. There are also emotional impacts to an abortion. A woman who has had one may become isolated and depressed, and many women do not seek counseling to help with this because they are embarrassed.

Abortion also places the wishes and needs of one person (the parent) above those of another (the unborn). Many people argue that it is morally wrong to do this; unless the pregnancy actually threatens the life of the mother, to kill the baby for the mother's convenience is wrong.

Many people also feel that doctors who perform abortions are violating the Hippocratic Oath that they took when they began to practice medicine.

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