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There are a lot of reasons why Shakespeare is great. Here are a few for you to consider:

  • Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and many poems. Over the course of his life, that amounts to a staggering 884,647 words, according to the BBC.
  • Shakespeare invented over 1,700 words which are still in use today. Every time you use the word 'fashionable,' 'eyeball,' gossip,' or 'puking,' you can thank Shakespeare for inventing it.
  • Shakespeare was an actor as well as a writer and performed in some of Elizabethan England's greatest venues, including the famous Globe Theatre.
  • Shakespeare's plays and poems are so good that they are still in print today and have been translated into many different languages. Part of his appeal comes from the fact that he wrote about timeless issues, like love, death, and ambition.
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