Why seedlings have a better chance of survival when transplanted in the evening?

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Transplanting (or replanting) is a method of moving a plant from one location or another. It is usually done when the plant has just sprouted into tiny seedlings where it can be stable to grow normally. Seedlings are often planted in a protected area such as greenhouses before replanting so as to minimize damages and plant deaths. 

Seedlings however are very sensitive thus wrong handling and transferring can result to death. Transplanting is best done in evening or cloudy day. During evening or cloudy day, there is a less evaporation of water. In this connection, seedlings needs efficient source of water in order to supply its moisture needs while adapting to the new environment. Hotter temperatures such as daytime can evaporate water which can increase the stress on plants thus decreasing the chances of survival. 

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