Why is Scout puzzled by Miss Gates' disapproval of Hitler in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Hitler’s persecution of the Jews is criticized by Miss Gates in the classroom. However,  Scout has just witnessed the unjust persecution of African Americans in Maycomb through the unjust nature of Tom Robinson’s trial. Additionally, Scout overheard Miss Gates making a derogatory statement about the African Americans of Maycomb outside of the courthouse.  Scout is confused by the hypocrisy she is witnessing. As readers we see that Miss Gates is not “practicing what she preaches.” Scout is left wondering how adults in Maycomb can be judgmental of poor human behavior in other parts of the world and not notice there own poor behavior to their own neighbors.

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Mrs. gates is mad that Hitler is being cruel and racist to the Jews but she isn't mad that she and many other "white" people in Maycomb are being cruel and racist to "blacks".