Why is the scientific method important?

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gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You may be searching too specifically. I suspect your teacher wants you to think about the scientific method, and then think about how and why it is important.

So, start with the basics. The very idea of a scientific method is important because it provides a standard. In daily life, we all have our own opinions and experiences. The scientific method is something shared and objective. People who don’t know each other, or who don’t even speak the same language, can refer to the scientific method as a way to develop a common language or point of reference.

Next, look at what you do with the scientific method: you follow the same steps, one at a time, like a recipe. That demystifies the world, and gives you ways to approach anything you see. First you observe, then you describe. What did you see? Then you go on to create a hypothesis. So, facts first, explanation second.

Next comes predictions (if your explanation is right, X should happen), followed by testing. Rather than being stuck in our opinions, the scientific method gives us a way to test our ideas.

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