The Bronze Bow Questions and Answers
by Elizabeth George Speare

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Why is Samson so important in The Bronze Bow? 

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Samson, the apparently deaf-mute slave who Rosh steals from a passing caravan, is important to the action and characterization in The Bronze Bow. He plays an important role in the action because when Daniel stages a risky effort to free Joel from the Romans, Samson jumps in to help without Daniel's knowledge. If it had not been for Samson's intervention, Daniel would probably have been killed in the fight and Joel would not have been freed and in fact might have suffered a worse fate than what he already faced. 

As far as characterization, Samson parallels both the character of Daniel and the character of Jesus. As such, he is not exactly a foil, but something like a foil. A foil is a character who makes the qualities of a main character stand out more clearly because of the way he contrasts with the character. In the case of how Samson enhances the characterization of Daniel and Jesus, however, it is his similarities rather than...

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