Why is Sam Norton possibly one of the worst Wardens at Shawshank?what is a personality trait makes him even more unlikeable the he already seem to be?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Warden Norton's hypocrisy makes him an extremely unlikeable character at Shawshank.  His claim of revering the Blble and its spiritual conditions is only matched by his sense of larceny and extreme cruelty.  He manipulates his religious beliefs as a mask to conceal his devious ways.  For example, the safe where his embezzled funds remain hidden is covered by a Biblical quotation.  He claims to be committed to the truth, but engineers the murder and torture of prisoners.  In public and for publicity's sake, he claims to be progressive in his attitude of rehabilitating prisoners, yet engages in draconian measures that seek to demean the humanity of the prisoners.  It is not merely that the Warden is "a bad guy," but rather his hypocritical nature and perversion of religious faith, and in particular, the Bible that makes him even more unlikeable.