Why is the saferoom called the saferoom in "Zlata's Diary?"

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In "Zlata's Diary," eleven-year-old Zlata Filipovic' tells the reader about her day to day life.  In Sarajevo, from 1991, through 1993, war was tearing through the country and tearing apart lives.  Zlata wrote of the feelings and events of her life during this time.  She speaks often of the "dangerous room" where the piano was and she writes about the "safe room" where she could hide during the shelling and sniper attacks.  The safe room is called safe because it protected people from the sniper fire and the shelling.  There were no windows and the walls were stronger so the bullets couldn't penetrate.  The "dangerous room" was open and airy.  Bullets could fly into the dangerous room and kill the people who lived there or were in open areas.

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