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Why is Rosalie jealous of Bella in the "Twilight" books?

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The passage that explains Rosalie's feelings is in Chapter 7 "Unhappy Ending" of Eclipse. Rosalie describes her human life in 1933, when she was proud and shallow, engaged to a man of a high social class who was handsome. It was a shallow engagement, based on social status instead of love. After her fiancee raped her, she was left for dead, and Carlisle found her. As a vampire, Rosalie had her revenge.

She explains to Bella that she is jealous for several reasons, first, that Edward desired Bella, and not her. Even though Rosalie isn't in love with Edward, she couldn't imagine anyone not desiring her, because she is so beautiful. Second, she explains that she is envious of Bella because of her humanness, "Don't you see, Bella?...You already have everything. You have a whole life ahead of you -- everything I want. And you're going to throw it away. Can't you see that I'd trade everything I have to be you? You have the choice that I didn't have, and you're choosing wrong!" (Page 166).

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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In chapter 15 we learn that Rosalie is jealous of Bella because Bella is human.  Rosalie has never really adjusted to the vampire transformation and would give anything to be "human."  Rosalie also has a concern about Bella being involved with Edward.  She is adamant that Bella will cause the Cullen family problems.  She does not agree with Bella'a desire to be "changed."  Rosalie is prejudice against Bella because she is human.  Rosalie carries this to the extreme when she doesn't want to help protect Bella against the "tracker" vampires.  She just wants Edward to stop seeing Bella and get her out of their lives.

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linda-allen eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Rosalie cannot understand why Bella is willing to give up her humanness to become a vampire. All Rosalie ever wanted was to be a mother, which she knows she can never be. So it makes her angry to see how little Bella values her life and possibilities. I think it is in book 3, "Eclipse," that Rosalie explains to Bella why she dislikes her so much and describes how she became a vampire.

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zumba96 | Student

Rosalie does not know why Bella wants to be a vampire because Rosalie never wanted to be a vampire from the start and Bella still has a life she can live as well as able to produce kids. She has so many human experiences she can discover but she wants to give it up so quickly. 

crystaltu001 | Student

Rosalie does not know why Bella wants to give up her human life and be a vampire because unlike her, Bella can grow old and have children. Rosalie said that she didn't want to become a vampire, instead she wanted to grow old and have her own family with Emmett.

maria-vivanco | Student

Rosalie doesn't understand why Bella would give up being a human to be a vampire. Bella can have children and grow old and be human; which is what Rosalie all ever wanted. She wanted to be a mother and would do anything to be human again. 

udonbutterfly | Student

In the story Bella is eager to cast off her humanity and become a vampire. However Rosalie believes that Bella is throwing away her humanity and all the great things that come with being human such as having children, and growing old especially with someone you love. Although Rosalie doesn't hate the vampire life and loves Emmett she truly misses her humanity and would give anything to have it back. And to see Bella carelessly and willing to give up her humanity angers Rosalie.

katieb09 | Student

Rosalie is jealous of Bella because Rosalie doesn't understand Bellas love for Edward. She doesn't understand why Bella is so willing to give up everything Rosalie has ever dreamed of having just like that. In Breaking Dawn, When Bella has Renesmee we see a nasty side of Rosalie. We see that she would give up everything, Her family, her Soul Mate Emmett Cullen all for a child. So suddenly when Renesmee enters the Cullen clan, Even though Rosalie knew that whilst Renesmee was inside Bella.., Renesmee could of killed Bella. That would have caused Edward so much pain.., But Rosalie didn't care. All she wanted was the 'thing' that Bella was carrying, And she would go to the ends of the Earth to become that child's mother. So basically Rosalie is jealous of Bella because she wanted to be Bella,


myranda19 | Student

rosalie is jealous of bella because rosalie would trade everything to be a human and be like bella

brakingdawn2 | Student

because rosalie was the most popular and most beautiful and every guy wanted to be with her but when she met eward he showed no entrest in her so she is upset that edward thinks od bella more then her

xxalannahxx | Student
She isnt jealous of her she explains it in the last chapter of New Moon. When Bella asks all the Cullens to put her mortality to a vote Rosalie says she doesnt want her to become a vampire for the simple reason being she has a choice and if Rosalie had a choice she wouldnt have become a vampire. Does that explain it?
sista10s | Student

BASICALLY; Rosalie wants to be a human. &&she hates Bella for being a human; and wanting to give that up.

futuremrscullen | Student

because she did not want to be a vampire and bella has a choice to become one or stay and rosalie wishes she had that same choice

bekkygirl1 | Student


   Rosalie is not jealous of Bella. She is mad that Edward told Bella the Cullens' secret, as it could cause them problems if the world found out what they really are. She is mad that Bella is willing to thow her life away to become a vampire, which Rosalie considers a curse.

neon-ice-cream | Student

Rose is jealous of Bella because Bella has choices and she does not. All Rosalie wanted was to live a family life as a mother. She did not want to live eternally, and now Bella is saying that she wants to become a vampire and throw away her human life. Also Rosalie doesn't know why Edward likes Bella and not her because Rosalie belives she is more beautiful than most.

npoore84 | Student

Throughout theTwilight series, there is a continous conflict between Bella and Rosalie. This conflict is not explained until Rosalie tells Bella her story of how she became a vampire. Rosalie's greatest desire was to become a mother and live out her life, and she cannot understand why Bella would give up this opportunity for a simple human life and the chance to become a mother.