Why are Romeo and Juliet to blame for the tragedy of the play? Give at least 3 examples and explain.Thank you very much for the help!:)

Expert Answers
smflannery eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Personally, I do not feel that blame should be put on the two for the tragedy because it was somewhat needed in order to prove a point.  Granted it was a drastic measure, but the feud between the families ran so deep and for so long that there was no other way for the two to be together.  Plus it is a drama.  If I had to pass blame on our two it would be for the following reasons.  Reason #1:  Honor your mother and father.  During the 16th century, you had no choice in anything as a child.  Someone told you what to wear, how to act and think, and who to marry.  Even though Paris was not Juliet’s choice in a husband she still should have obeyed tradition.  Reason #2:  Patience is a virtue.  Friar Lawrence had a plan to reunite the two.  All Romeo had to do was wait patiently in Mantua.  Unfortunately, Romeo’s haste to jump to judgment led to his death.  Reason #3:  Spare the rod, spoil the child.  Romeo and Juliet were spoiled, self-centered rich kids that needed a quick reality check.  Money does not always bring happiness and these two can be poster children for this idea.  These are some of the reasons as to why Romeo and Juliet could be blamed for the tragedy in the play.