I Am Legend Questions and Answers
by Richard Matheson

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In Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend, why is Robert Neville a hero?

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This is an opinion question, so it is conceivably possible to defend that Robert Neville is not a hero. His final suicide could be used as evidence to support that notion. However, the question specifically asks about supporting how Neville is a hero. I think one consistent trait among many heroes is that they persevere in the face of great adversity. I think this is the strongest reason as to why Neville could be viewed as a hero. He is completely alone in a very hostile world. He is hunted by the vampire things at night, and during the day, he chooses to hunt them down and research them in return. As a survivor, he appears to be more than capable of fleeing the area and seeking greater safety in a less populated area, but he stays despite the grave danger that he is constantly in the midst of. I think that this is a fairly heroic stance. His research is a quest for him to understand what happened. The fact that he never completely gives into despair before being captured takes a...

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