Why is RNA important to the cell? How does an mRNA molecule carry information DNA? Where does the mRNA molecule take the information? pl i need this answers

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There are 3 types of RNA that enable a cell to use the instructions in the DNA -- which is in the nucleus -- to make enzymes.

The mRNA (messenger RNA) copies the DNA and then floats out into the cytoplasm of the cell to a ribosome. There two other types of RNA come into play. rRNA (ribosomal RNA) uses the instructions in the mRNA to connect amino acids carried by the 20 types of tRNA (transfer RNA). The result is a chain of amino acids that forms an enzyme.

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RNA serves as the internmediate between DNA and the protein to be synthesized.

Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are the nucleic acids that "record" information from DNA in the nucleus of the cell. They carry this copied information to the ribosomes and are known as messenger RNAs (mRNA).

In case of expressing the characters, RNA is more powerful then DNA since they directly code for the proteins to be synthesized. DNA has to be always dependent on RNA for its transmission of genetic characters.

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