Why is RNA important to the cell? How does an mRNA molecule carry information from DNA?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

DNA is the chemical that makes up the chromosomes and genes and contains the hereditary information for the cell. It remains in the cell's nucleus. Messenger RNA, another nucleic acid is able to copy the DNA in a process called transcription using either side of the DNA double helix as a template. Messenger RNA is the RNA that is responsible for transcription. MRNA travels to a ribosome where it attaches. Every three bases is called a codon. If the original DNA reads, TAC GGG CCC for example, the mRNA would read: AUG CCC GGG. RNA follows the same base pairing rules as DNA with the exception of it lacks thymine. Where normally thymine would pair with adenine in DNA, in RNA, the base uracil is present instead of thymine. AUG is a codon for the message start which signals the beginning of translation. At the ribosome, each triplet is "read" and the appropriate amino acid is brought to the ribosome, by transfer RNA, forming a long chain known as a polypeptide. When a stop message is reached, the polypeptide detaches from the ribosome and proceeds to fold into a protein.

shailsan | Student

RNA is important because its play a necessary role in protien synthesis with DNA.transcription is the process where mRNA is made as the template.this is only way to getthe genetic information from the DNA from the nucleus into the cytoplasm,so protien can be synthesized at the ribosome.if this does not occur no protien would be produced and cell would die.