Why is it important to represent the organization's interests as a hiring manager or staffing professional in the human resources department? What are possible consequences of not doing so?

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As a member of staff within the Human Resources department, your entire job is to represent the organization's interests, both internally and externally.

For example, if your analysis of the company shows that there is a shortage of personnel in the marketing department, you need to bring this to the attention of senior management.

In terms of representing the organization's interests to an external party, consider the scenario of a job interview. If you do not accurately represent the organization's interests in a transparent and honest way, the candidate may not understand what the company is about or what the role entails. In that way, you could end up hiring the wrong candidate.

In short, the consequences of the Human Resources department failing to represent the organization's interests could mean that the company does not employ the right people. This ultimately poses a risk to the company's bottom line.

An organization cannot function effectively if its personnel or members have not...

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