Why is it relevant and what should a teacher learn from going to a culture museum?

Expert Answers
cathibee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In today's world, it is more likely than not that a teacher of any subject and any grade would be faced with a classroom that features a variety of cultures. While this provides many opportunities for interactive and learning activities, it can also be a challenge for a teacher.

Being an individual, no teacher can be expected to have an instinctive or in-depth knowledge of all cultures represented in his or her classroom.  This is why it can be useful for a teacher to visit a culture museum. 

First, it can be personally useful for teachers. They can gain knowledge about cultures they did not know before. This can then help them to connect better to students from that culture in their classrooms. 

More generally, it can help the teacher to gain a better awareness of the beauty of diversity. In a classroom, the temptation may be to consider the students according to their similarities while forgetting their diversity. 

Third, culture museums can help teachers to generate creative ideas for their lessons. Rather than ignoring the issues of culture and diversity, a culture museum is focused on celebrating these. A teacher visiting such a museum can then also be inspired to celebrate, with students, that the world is a wonderful and colorful place because of its people.