Why is recruitment important?  

Why is recruitment important? 


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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is fair to say that businesses can only succeed if they have the right people working for them.  Good employees will manage the business well and will produce high-quality goods and services.  How do companies get the right people to work for them?  They do so by recruiting.  This is why recruitment is important in business.

With the exception of the person who founds a business, everyone who works in that business is an employee.  This means that essentially every function of most firms is conducted by a person who has been hired to work at that firm.  Employees at the highest levels decide what the firm will try to accomplish and how it will try to do so.  Employees at lower levels take those decisions and implement them.  Managers have to determine exactly how to achieve the goals set by higher management.  Managers have to work with the employees at the lowest levels to make sure that they are doing their jobs right.  The employees at the lowest levels have to have the skills and the attitudes needed to produce whatever their firm makes.

In order to get employees who can fulfill these roles, recruitment is necessary. If a company does not recruit well, it will not get the best possible employees.  The firm’s human resources people have to do a good job of determining what qualities and competencies a new employee needs to have.  The HR people have to figure out how to advertise the job opening so that the biggest pool of qualified applicants will see it.  They have to do everything they can to make sure that they make qualified people aware of their job opening, even if those people are currently employed elsewhere.  They have to go through applications and identify the best applicants.  They have to do good job interviews to make sure that they hire the best people.  If they do not do a good job at any step in this process, they will not get the best possible employees.  Since businesses cannot succeed without good employees, they will reduce the chances that their firm will achieve its goals.

Recruitment is how businesses get good workers.  Good workers are necessary for businesses to succeed.  Therefore, recruitment is of paramount importance to businesses.