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Going to take a stab at this one--not exactly sure what you are asking, but here goes--I'm going to assume that this either an argumentative, persuasive or opinion piece!

If you agree with this quote, first you have to formulate the three reasons why it is "correct". For example, you could say that reading breeds learning, and that when people learn, their horizons are expanded, which makes them "full" because the now have new knowlede with which to interpret the world around them.  Suddenly they are able to have more rich and fulfilling discussions and interactions and also to notice and appreciate things they may never have previously realized.

Next, you could say that reading the works and ideas of others gives one the opportunity to reflect on his/her own internal belief structure. This allows people to take in other people's opinions and restructure and reshape their own thoughts and ideas, which they can begin to write and share with others as well. This perpetuates the cycle of learning and growing.

Lastly you could focus on how reading makes a man full because reading improves literacy, which makes one more intelligent and allows for better public presentation of oneself. A person that reads has a better command of vocabulary and unique sentence structure, which can more aptly convey emotions and thoughts, leading to less confusion and an increase in clarity in both deliver and reception.

I sure hope that helps!

mmablung | Student

Reading maketh a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man. -Sir Francis Bacon


The above sentence is a piece covered with multiple angles. But, as we are discussing about 'Reading maketh a full man', lets break things into tiny pieces.


READING, The concept of reading is a flow of thoughts. Here a single window, links to a multitude of external experiences as well as thoughts. Reading is a form of collecting information. But if you give voice to a book, reading becomes the most able way of listening. And as such has an ability to test, assimilate correct or question one’s own views.

Every society has a set of norms and rules which is followed by a variety of people, sometimes discriminative, sometimes not. These rules and regulations are sometimes questioned, appended modified, or even removed. The ones who can do this are those who are regarded in esteem in the society which set these rules. This comes with the power of speech. And someone needs to listen to the ones who are speaking. Thus, a control over your own self is required. The MAKING of the man who is in control of himself, in the presence of society, and to hold his/her ground in the face of a body which has always been the commander and the rules maker is the power of not just knowledge. The combined efforts of excessive reading leads for the making of a man who has a vast amount of words and a distinct use of vocabulary to present and sway the crowd to his/her will.

Finding the path and the ability to change people’s hearts and minds comes with a great understanding of oneself. But it is not complete with just knowing your own self, it is complete only when the idea of what is best for the time (world peace, anti pollution, economics, whatever be the topic) is understood. Thus making him FULL or complete when he understands the needs of the time/age/era.

All this can be achieved when someone reads. But, to gain the right direction is to understand the fact that, “A man’s knowledge container is a bottomless pit.”


Hope this helped.