The Veldt Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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Why might Ray Bradbury have used Rima as the antithesis of the lions in "The Veldt"?

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There are many reasons why Ray Bradbury used Rima as the antithesis to the lions in his 1950 short story "The Veldt." 

Rima is a character created by Wiliam Henry Hudson in his 1904 work entitled Green Mansions. The story is set in the Guyana jungle in Venezuela. The jungle setting itself is the antithesis of the African savannah in which the lions in Bradbury's story dwell. Where the savannah is raw, dry, and unyielding, the jungle is lush, fragrant, and enchanting. 

Rima is a gentle young woman who speaks in a musical, birdlike language, and can communicate with birds. In the book, Green Mansions , Rima chases game animals away, and the local Indians wish to kill her for this. The Indians are predators, and Rima disperses their prey. In "The Veldt," the children are like predators, and Rima is chasing off their prey, replacing the lions that are being trained to destroy...

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