Why is  prospecting important for a sales person?

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William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A good sales person does not sit back and wait for customers to come to him (or her). Business is by its nature highly competitive. There are many potential buyers out there, but the aggressive and enterprising sales people will be the ones to find them, and the lazy or unimaginative sales person can easily find himself or herself out of a job. Prospecting is practically the essence of salesmanship. You have to be able to take rejection, but you never know what opportunities you are going to run into. It is the most exciting part of selling. It enables you to make acquaintances with many people you never would have encountered otherwise. It is not enough to have a single conversation with a prospect; you should keep a simple card file and be sure to call back whenever there is a possibility of making a sale. Some people may not be buyers but might refer you to friends who are really good prospects. Your employer or supervisor will notice you and appreciate and reward you if he sees you are what is commonly called a self-starter and not a chair-warmer. You have to overcome a certain natural fear of rejection; we all have it; but the way to overcome it is through the experience of continued and systematic prospecting. Most people are cordial. The hostile ones are your friends and allies, because they scare away the timid sales people and reduce the competition.

cheveyo | Student
  1. To identify probable customers for your foodstuffs and armed forces.
  2. To conclude what products and services you offer can best satisfy the needs, wants, and requirements of these prediction.
  3. To classify these prospects as to their dollar potential based on your research.
  4. To organize a referral.
  5. To arrange telephone and personal contacts with these prospects on a scheduled priority basis.
  6. To see the prospects with the highest potential first.
  7. To establish if they have a need. Remember – No Need = No sale.



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