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What are the pros and cons of forced marriages?

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By "forced" marriages, I assume you mean arranged marriages. (I cannot imagine any benefit whatsoever to a forced marriage.) The advantages of an arranged marriage over a "free choice" marriage are many.  Couples who marry this way have much more reasonable expectations than couples who choose their partners on their own, and consequently, are generally much happier in their marriages.  With a partner of one's own choosing, in Western cultures, the partner is expected to be the perfect everything, and of course, that is not a realistic expectation.  Arranged marriages also have all the power and resources of family, community and culture behind them, shoring up any shaky moments in the marriage.  Generally, in cultures where arranged marriages occur, divorce is more difficult and thus, couples tend to work out their problems.  Certainly, the divorce rates are strikingly lower than in countries where there are no arranged marriages, as you can see by clicking...

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