Why are the proletariat a "genuinely revolutionary class"?

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The proletariat is called a "genuinely revolutionary class" because it is the only class capable of meaningful revolution. Marxism states that in a capitalist society, the only two tangible classes are the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, as any middle class is destined to fade into obscurity as the society enters the stages of late capitalism. The proletariat can function as a revolutionary class due to their sheer number and revolution being in their best interest.

In a capitalist society, it will inevitably be the contention of the bourgeoisie that there are no classes and that no issue of class exists. The theories of Marxism as expressed in The Communist Manifesto, among other works, expresses that it is the revolutionary mission of the proletariat to abolish the bourgeoisie and establish a truly classless society.

As a socioeconomic class, the proletariat has been around for awhile. The word itself comes from Latin and referred to a class of Romans who didn’t own property. While...

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