Why are prokaryotes suitable organisms to use for some genetic engineering purposes?Include :- - Explain the use of prokaryotes in preference to eukaryotes in gene technology?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The possibility for preferring Proks to Euk cells is as follows.

1. Prokaryotes are simpler to engineer because a) they are less complex than Eukaryotes and  b) they do not have a nucleus. The nucleus alone may not seem as important, but its own functions and complexities make eukaryotes more difficult to manipulate for the likes of genetic engineering.

2.They are also smaller than Euks  by <5 Ums- any form of engineering needs the smallest and simples structures in order to manipulate and transform them.

3. They are unicellular, which makes for its simplicity whereas Euks are multicellular and would pose more variables and possible complications for engineers.

4. Its cell division is always predictable as it is by binary fusion as opposed to Euks which use either mithosis or meiosis.

5.Its reproduction is also always predictable as it is always asexual in comparison to the optional sexual/asexual reproductio.

6.It as no cytoskeleton (more accesible) and smaller ribosomes (less complex) as opposed to the Euks.

7.Its elements have no membranes, no walls.

8.Has a variety of ways to metabolize as opposed to only one from the Euks.

These qualities denote that Prokaryotes are much simpler, smaller, accessible, and have just enough of what might be needed to manipulate a variable in genetic engineering.

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