Why does the presence of oil, lubricants and paints have an effect on the development of maggots ?

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The presence of oils, lubricants, or paints can effect the way flies lay their eggs.  This in turn effects the development of maggots.  Flies will have a difficult time finding a desirable place to feed and lay their eggs if the decaying item is wrapped in certain oils, lubricants, or paints.  These items will not prevents maggots from appearing but they will delay their appearance.  These types of products will delay the decay process by delaying the bugs and organisms that help such decay occur.  Eventually, the insects and organisms will break down the item, but they will be deterred by oils and other products.  These products are unappetising to the insects and they are an undesirable place to lay eggs.