Why is Poverty a Moral and Social Issue???

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: ) if its ok, I shall try to answer this briefly and generally, not just with reference to the twelve angry men.

for any society worth its name, Poverty is definitely (a) moral and (b) social issue-- by virtue of the 'impact' that poverty has on the society itself, 'per se'.

We all talk about how 'we are all interconnected' and part of some greater 'web' and how no one is an 'island in one's self' and so on and so forth etc; a lot of trite platitudes, most of the time but yet, words that are meaningful and siginificant, if we but think about it.

People--especially people inhabiting the same society, whichever class they belong to- are certainly interconnected and the society in itself is a complex web . What happens or affects one person, is bound to have long term repercussions sooner or later.

Thus, by this standard, Poverty is a very big challenge and threat to even the richest classes of a society-- socially, if poverty is allowed to grow and affect people and ruin their lives and make them hungry and desperate, the effects of the 'breaking out ' sooner or later of this pent up frustration and deprevation, will be felt by all-- we have many examples of social upheaval, revolution of this sort in world history. And, of course, by virtue of this fact, of this threat or danger and by virtue of our common humanity, and mutual 'connectedness', the issue also has serious moral dimensions.

iklan100 | Student

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okay, so i have put this question in a wrong category, so im really sorry. but if someone is kindly would like to answer this even though its not related to twelve angry men, thank you in advance :) 

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