Why did the police captain insist that Officer Delinko patrol the construction site until the groundbreaking ceremony in Hoot by Carl Hiaasen?

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The people building the new pancake house, called Mother Paula's All-American Pancake House, in Hoot have connections with local politicians. One of the big shots in the pancake franchise phoned Councilman Grady because the site where they are building has been vandalized. The stakes were pulled out of the ground, meaning the bulldozer can't begin its work. Additionally, the construction trucks' tires were slashed. After the person from the pancake house company called the councilman, the councilman yelled at the police chief, who spoke with the captain. Then the captain summoned the sergeant, who summoned Officer Delinko to tell him he needed to have a cruiser go by the pancake house construction site every hour (Hiaasen 35). Officer Delinko thinks professionals vandalized the construction site because they put alligators into the portable toilets, but the police captain doesn't really care who vandalized the site as long as the police don't receive any more calls from the councilman. 

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