In Frankenstein, what is the importance of the poem 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner'?

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To add to the answer already given, the poem shares another theme with the novel. The ancient mariner shoots an albatross, without thinking or considering what the possible consequences could be. This act was incredibly thoughtless and stupid, especially because albatrosses were supposed to be omens of good luck to sailors. Likewise, Victor does something incredibly stupid without considering what the possible consequences could be: he created a superhuman that is stronger, faster, and bigger than any human ever could be. Then he abandoned that creature, setting it free without education or connection, expecting that he could just go on with his life as usual and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

The mistakes committed by the mariner and Victor illustrate the importance of forethought; both do something without considering the possible consequences. Further, both harm innocents—the albatross was just a beautiful bird, and Victor's creature was born beneficent and...

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