Why is the physical environment in which one learns so important to the andragogy process?

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Thinkers like Knowles argue that the goals of andragogy can only be fully met if the learning process is experiential and inquiry- based. The physical environment is important in this configuration because it can allow learners to feel that what they are learning can have immediate and practical applications.  The physical environment becomes another domain in which learners can find immediate relevance of instruction.  Experiential activities that take the physical environment into consideration can help to enhance the learning of the adult learner.  For example, if the physical environment is a workplace setting in which the adult learner can make immediate connections between instruction and experience, there is a greater likelihood that they will find the instruction meaningful and worth their while.  

The lack of connection between physical environment and instruction is another instance in which the adult learner's experience is not valued.  Mutual self- diagnosis becomes more understandable if the physical environment is reflective of a "real world" setting where what is being taught connects to the experience of the adult learner. It is for this reason that the physical environment becomes critical and vitally important for the adult learner in the andragogical process.

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