Nothing but the Truth: A Documentary Novel

by Avi
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Why does Philip cry at the end of Nothing But the Truth?

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Avi's YA novel Nothing But the Truth focuses on the consequences that unfurl after ninth grader Philip Malloy lies to his father by telling him that he was suspended from school for singing the National Anthem. In reality, Philip was suspended by the Vice Principal for his disrespectful behavior toward Mrs. Narwin, his English teacher, and his insistence upon humming the National Anthem when he has been asked to stand quietly and attentively.

This seemingly "little" lie initiates a chain of reactions that blow the situation out of proportion. Philip is interviewed by a journalist who then writes an article which attracts national attention and causes Philip to be praised for his patriotism. As a result, Philip's school is under fire for allegedly thwarting Philip's "patriotism," and Mrs. Narwin is forced to take a "break" from teaching which ultimately results in her resignation. Philip's school loses the funding they so desperately need, and the tide of public opinion begins to turn...

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