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Waht are reasons why people want to join reality TV shows?

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Three reasons why people want to be a part of reality television:

1.  Reality television offers many people an opportunity to do or experience something beyond their normal lives.  Whether it is traveling to an uninhabited island, like in Survivor, or racing around the world, reality television shows speak to the individual's desire to try something different and meaningful to escape boredom or simply break free from his or her current situation.

2.  Reality television shows offer cash prizes and possible lucrative contracts.  Reality stars can cash in on their fame with possible endorsement deals as well.  It has 'get rich quick' allure.

3.  Reality television offers those elusive 'fifteen minutes of fame' that many people would covet.  The contestants on reality television shows often become household names.  For some people (not all), the possibility of fame and even fortune seems much, much more exciting than their regular nine to five careers. 

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