Who do some people want the Confederate flag taken down?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The quick answer to this question is that many activists and others want the Confederate flag removed from government property because they feel that it is a symbol of racism. Now, let us look at this issue more deeply.

First, we have to understand what people are asking for. They are not asking to ban the Confederate flag.  They are not trying to prevent people from flying it on their own homes or vehicles or wearing it on shirts. Instead, they are trying to get governments to remove the flag from places where flying the flag seems like an endorsement of the flag’s meaning.  In other words, they accept having CSA flags in museums, but not flying out in front of the state capital.

Second, we have to understand why the flag would be offensive to African Americans in particular and to some other people. The flag is the symbol of the Confederacy, which tried to split from the US in the Civil War. Historians agree that the CSA tried to split away specifically because it wanted to preserve the system of slavery. Therefore, many people see this flag as a symbol of a movement that centered on the defense of slavery. Furthermore, Southern states only started to fly the CSA battle flag on government property after the Civil Rights Movement.  This makes many people feel that the states are only flying that flag as a response to the idea of black rights.  In other words, they feel that the flag is specifically being flown to promote an anti-black message.

These are the most important things that you need to know. Many people feel that the flag is an anti-black symbol, which causes them to want it removed from government property so it will not seem as if the government is promoting an anti-black message.