Why are people so judgmental? For example people that are simply different are labeled as 'weird'.

Expert Answers
trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judgmental behavior occurs when a person makes judgments about other people's choices, morals, and other areas personal to them because they feel it is their right to do so. Perhaps the judgmental person feels better at the expense of the other person. This has to do with the concept of bias. Humans can make decisions based on bias which are not necessarily based on concrete evidence, but rather, on beliefs they hold, social pressures, past experiences, etc. People might be judgmental due to the culture they were raised in. They may base their judgments on race, ethnicity, gender rather than being open and objective. Therefore, in one set of circumstances, a person may be labeled as "weird" but in a different setting, their behavior may be totally normal. People need to get to know people first, before they make judgments. Judgmental behavior is probably the reason why prejudice, bias, and bullying exist.