Why is it argued that Arts Stream has less importance than any other streams?I'm an Arts student of English Literature and have very ambitious feelings about the Arts Stream of courses.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that it should be said on the outset that the decision to enter a particular stream from school to university is something that every student should decide for themselves.  Some outside guidance and input is inevitable, but no student should make a choice that is not reflective of their talents and/ or passion.  In this, I am not sure that one stream is "more important" or "less important" than any other.  All courses of study are important as they all have relevance and meaning in the modern setting.  Some argue that the Arts Stream has "less importance" out of concerns for jobs and the notion of "marketability."  In this line of logic, the belief is that the Arts Stream will not yield as profitable a job as business or science.  Proponents of this narrow school of thought argue that the Arts Stream is not as significant in terms of job placement and overall relevance.

I am not sure this is valid.  The reality is that so many tend to buy and accept this thinking that there is an saturation of job seekers in the Commerce and Business fields.  This actually leads to a job shortage, as employers have far too little supply for the huge level of demand.  Additionally, those who argue that the Arts Stream has "less importance" do so under the idea that financial success is the defining element to one's course of study and that more money can be made in more lucrative fields than in the Arts.  The reality is that people who advocate and tend to support the more narrow and less desirable elements of the Status Quo would tend to make the argument that the Arts is not as important as some of the other domains.  How students react to such criticisms is telling, reflective of a potential light of hope in a setting that is shrouded in mystery and darkness in terms of seeing what the future will hold.  In the end, students have to make their own decisions about their own course of study.  Their ability to handle outside distractions such as "The Arts stream has less importance" is part of this crucible that students must endure.