Why are the pearl buyers excited about kino's pearl?

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The pearl buyers are excited about Kino's pearl because of its magnificent quality and size.

The news has swept the town: "Kino has found the Pearl of the World." It is a fantastic pearl of great size and quality that generates dreams in the minds of all that hear of it. "Every man suddenly became related to Kino's pearl" as he dreams of what he could do with such a pearl. Envy also fills the hearts of people so that Kino now becomes "curiously every man's enemy." (III)

Unfortunately, Kino and his wife Juanita are unaware of the poison of envy in so many that their pearl has created. When the neighbors come to see the beautiful pearl that Kino holds in his hand, some become jealous of Kino, wondering how such luck could come to any man. Kino's brother Tomas asks,"What will you do now that you have become a rich man?" (III)

When the dealers hear of this marvelous pearl, they are excited because they have also learned that a peasant has found it. Such a man knows not how these dealers work together; furthermore, he is not aware that they all work for the same man. So, they conspire together on how they will pretend that the pearl is worth little because it is too big and has imperfections. (IV)

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