Why does Paulo Coelho mix realism and idealism in his novel The Alchemist?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Paulo Coelho's story The Alchemist uses both magical realism and idealism in order to show how they can work together for the good of the person who is seeking out to find his/her personal legend. Magical realism suggests that the universe wants each person to succeed and to fulfill the measure of his/her creation. Thus, omens are sent to guide people towards achieving this goal. The idealism comes in by giving Santiago (who represents each of us) a reason to keep moving forward on his journey to discover the reality of his treasure. Santiago learns so much more on his journey, in fact, that the treasure seems almost insignificant by the time he finds it. However, as Santiago ventures forth to find that treasure, he also learns more about himself, the world around him, and the universe, which might be worth more than the gold he finds.

user6076000 | Student

it is more of fantasy and religion to read in this novel because it is saying that santiago is speaking to god and the wind plus the alchemist is turnig lead into gold it is a crazy book

px | Student

hmmmmm, may be u r right, Tnx =) but dont u think that it may be becouse allpeople in their inner side have an imagenary things beside the real life, and that what made him to make such a mixture??!