Why is Pakistan an agricultural countrywith reference to edaphic and climatic factors

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pakistan is the world’s 47th economy and agriculture make up around twenty percent of total GDP. Agriculture is a main driver of the Pakistani economy, and helps to create a great number of jobs. Arable land is one of the nation’s principal natural resources, in addition to an extensive irrigation system that allows Pakistan to produce and export such crops as rice, wheat, barley, cotton, sugarcane, chickpeas and cotton. These crops are mostly grown in the fertile Punjab and Sindh areas.  In addition to these crops Pakistan‘s agricultural economy also consists of livestock. Specifically, Pakistan produces extensive cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats. However rice is the most important part of Pakistan’s agricultural system. Pakistan is the world’s fourth largest rice producer. All these factors help to contribute to the idea that Pakistan is an agricultural country.