In Chapter 9 of Animal Farm, why are only the young pigs being educated, and why are they discouraged from playing with the other young animals?

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The young pigs are the only animals being educated in the school house because it is Napoleon's way of elevating the race of pigs on the farm. If only pigs are educated then he can ensure that only pigs will have an elevated place in society. If the other animals were allowed to educate their young then it runs the risk of a different animal being smart enough to take a leadership role in the government and management of the farm. Napoleon does not allow the young pigs to play with the other animals because he is teaching them that they are different, essentially that they are too good to play with other young animals and that they need only to associate with their own kind. In essence he is teaching the pigs to be racist toward the other animals. The young pigs will grow up their entire lives with other animals stepping aside for them on the pathways, wearing green ribbons on Sundays, eating better food, and they will be the only educated animals. They will have no choice but to view themselves as better than all the others. 

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