Why does Odysseus want to stay in Polyphemus's cave even though his men press him to leave?

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Even though his men want him to take some food and leave as soon as possible, Odysseus wants to stay in Polyphemus's cave because he hopes "[he] might see [the cave's owner] and [this owner] might offer [Odysseus] gifts." Odysseus might expect such gifts from an obviously wealthy host because of the ancient Greek ideas concerning hospitality. Greeks believed Zeus protected travelers and that a host had a religious obligation to offer hospitality to any traveler; this hospitality would often include the presentation of a guest-gift, if such a gift were financially viable for the host. Odysseus isn't just randomly expecting presents; rather, he's expecting (perhaps a tad arrogantly) that he will be offered gifts as an extension of this hospitality. The guest, however, also had an obligation not to take advantage of a host's hospitality, and so we might read Odysseus's expectation as a bit presumptuous.

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