Provide examples from The Odyssey to support why you think Odysseus is or is not a great hero.

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My students said NO WAY!

Yes, they found him wily and clever, but they did not find him admirable at all.

Here are a few reasons:

When Odysseus is "stuck between Charybdis and Scylla," he chooses NOT to tell his men about the impending danger because he knew they would become panicked and would put the entire crew and the ship in danger; instead, he said nothing, hid himself below, and allowed 6 men to be eaten!

They also did not like the fact that he was so "unhappy" with Calypso...yeah right.  The laughed at the fact that throughout that portion of the poem he claims he does not love her but that he "makes" him sleep with her every night!

Overall, they loved the story though!

I have never thought of Odysseus as a hero in the modern sense.  He is nothing like what modern (late 20th and early 21st century which is, it can be argued, postmodern) sensibilities require in a hero.  For every instance of his wiliness or feats of strength there are several of venality, vice, cruelty, or...

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