Why it is not a good idea to close all the windows and doors of your house when there is a typhoon? physics thing =(

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bernoulli's Principle is the central foundation to understanding how airplanes get lifted into the air, why houses blow up in the middle of tropical storms like typhoons, and why your shower curtain creepily wants to wrap around your body in the shower.

The principle basically states that as you increase the flow of a liquid, you decrease the potential of the fluid.  Another way to look at this is if you increase the flow of a liquid, you decrease the pressure applied by the fluid.  Going back to your question about shutting all the windows and doors of the house in the typhoon, when the typhoon is passing over your house, the air is typically low pressure.  Combine that with the wind speed, you get an accentuated drop in air pressure.  The inside of the house has normal air pressure, which suddenly becomes the greater force, since the air pressure outside the house is less.  The house can literally blow apart from the inside because of the inequality of the air pressure.

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