Why is nonverbal communication so important? Why is nonverbal communication so important?  How can you tell when nonverbal communication is effective?  Please give examples.

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Not to be contentious, but there is something to be said about the negatives of nonverbal communication.  For one thing, one can “lie” with nonverbal communication – it is done at every hand-shaking occasion, for example, plus experts can both disguise and send false signals with their “body language.”  Secondly, nonverbal communication is vague and inaccurate, nowhere near as accurate or finely nuanced as verbal communication – there is no “thesaurus” for body language.  Nor can nonverbal language replace a legal document. Thirdly, body language has little or no “syntax ” or even taxonomy.  Fourthly, nonverbal language is difficult to store or record...

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