Why is Nick Carraway made the narrator of "The Great Gatsby"?

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Nick Carraway is the narrator for several reasons, but the chief reason is his subjective and sympathetic view of Jay Gatsby. In Carraway's lyrical hands and romantic eyes, Gatsby becomes greater than just a vulgar, pretentious grifter and con man in a pink suit who aims too high and loses his life as a consequence.

It is important who tells your story, and in Carraway's telling Gatsby becomes no less than a symbol of the American Dream. To Fitzgerald, the American Dream is the recurring hope of his European ancestors that they could remake the past. They could, they thought, come to this green, pristine (and to their European eyes), unsettled land and start anew, recreating Eden. Gatsby wants to do the same with Daisy , believing that if he can just turn back the hands of time to five years past, he can build a paradise with his beloved. Of course, as with anyone pursing this dream, it is a fantasy that can never be...

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