A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

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Why is it necessary for Mr. Lorry and Lucie to travel together to Paris in A Tale of Two Cities?

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It was important for Lucie Manette to accompany Jarvis Lorry to Paris because Jarvis had got information that Lucie’s father, Dr. Manette, had been imprisoned in Bastille but was freed. Mr. Lorry was an agent of Tellson Bank and knew Lucie, he also had information about his father but to confirm this information he had to bring Lucie on the trip to reunite her with her father. Dr. Manette had been imprisoned wrongfully in the Bastille for eighteen years, but he was released and allowed to live above a wine shop belonging to an old servant couple. The trip was important because Lorry was there to identify Mr. Manette who was his customer and for Lucie to “restore him to life”. The reason he needed restoration was because after a long time in prison Mr. Manette had developed psychological issues and was not of sound and mind.

“Your father has been taken to the house of an old servant in Paris, and we are going there: I, to identify him‚ if I can: you, to restore him to life, love, duty, rest, comfort.”

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It was necessary for Mr. Lorry to wait for Lucie in Dover to travel to Paris because Mr. Lorry had figured out a plan to rescue Lorrie's father who has been imprisoned in La Bastille. Lorrie's father's name is Dr. Mannette, and he was a victim of the power of absolutism and, along with Lorry and Lucie, depended on other secret groups whose goal was to overthrow the monarchy. The monarchy used the Bastille as its center for punishment and imprisonment. Sometimes the punishments were fair, but somethings the punishments were cruel, and vindictive.

Dr. Mannette had not met his daughter Lucie yet, and this would be the first time they would meet. Another thing we know about Dr. Mannette is that his punishment was wrongful, that he used to be a very important member of society, and that after all his years in prison he has lost his mind.

Therefore, it was necessary to have more than two people in the search party to join the plans to rescue the doctor.


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