Why is it necessary for children to go to school?  

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This question is at the heart of what is necessary to build a world where people are educated and can help others climb out of poverty and ignorance.  Children are the most accepting of new ideas and skills, so logically, that is where education should start.  Children learn much from their parents or caretakers from the moment they are born, but school provides a formal education that helps children make decisions based on more than feelings.  I believe that children need to go to school to explore  other ideas, cultures and customs,  people and philosophies.  For me, school exposed me to ideas I didn't understand such as families where children are not allowed to have opinions, to speak or even eat at the table with the adults. What a foreign idea that was in my home where discussions were lively.  In this time, children must be allowed to see that even if the ideas about which they learn are not for them, the exposure allows them to consider other ideas even if they don't accept them.  We must help children see that we are one world, that the histories of countries influence what happens now, and that we hope the children can learn, listen and change how the world today operates.  We need what school teaches or who will be the engineers, the teachers, the plumbers, the world leaders of the future?